Print design trends of 2014


Its a great idea to be in the know about current print design, as i haven’t done print in the last few projects that i have done i wanted to refresh my self on current design so that i don’t design something that would look dated. I found looking through some of the concepts they were saying that were ‘hot’ this year really gave me inspiration for my magazine and adapt my concept with current trends.

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I found that current ‘hot’ trends were type-only, so pretty much says it self. Another image only with little or no type, this gives the image a bolder look with striking eye catching potential. Also to add to the ‘hot’ current trends were ‘full-page typographic “lock-ups”‘, this ‘is a great way to organize type in a clean and readable layout.’ What i found very useful in this article was the ‘What’s Not’ referring to hotness of trends, and ‘QR Codes’ came up, this is something that i used 1-2 years ago but haven’t used recently, and luckily for me i was doing the right thing, apparently ‘Majority of designers don’t favor them.’. Another ‘Whats Not’ are drop shadows, now this is an aspect that i have used in the past but i can see how it won’t work on many different occasions on print. In addition to this the article also covered ‘The Next Fad’ meaning the next up and coming trend, and one of them was ‘Luxury Printing’ having shiny stuff on magazines/paper and indents etc, but i am quite new to print especially magazine print so i might have to keep that aspect for a future design. Another design trend that is up and coming is ‘Double Exposure’ ‘Double exposure is an edgy trend that gives your print projects a dramatic feel, i will look into this but it won’t be my main concern for design trends at the moment. in all this article has provided me with an up to date look at current trends with other website supporting this, i am happy to include a few concepts from this into my project.


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